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We welcome both Finnish and international artists to live and work in an inspiring environment in the middle of nature.

Visual artists, arts and crafts makers, writers, journalists, musicians etc are welcome to apply for a 1-3 months residency.

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2 months ago, by Dymphie Kies
Hub Feenix

Hi there, my name is Dymphie Kies and I am living in the Netherlands.

As a visual artist and a systemic coach I guide people to understand their life stories and the underlaying emotions which gave direction.
In my artworks I prefer smooth materials like textiles, cotton, silk and wool, preferably recycled so the material in itself is already telling a story.
For the next 4.5 weeks I will continue to search for and to investigate the theme “Light in Finland”, which I initiated back in 2016 at an AiR in Hauho.
People are influenced by the colors of the light, every second of the day, over and over again. This time I’ll use my camera to give even more expression to the fabric works.

If you are interested in the results of 2016 look at my blog on my website

Warm greetings !!

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